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Our Change Leaders

  • Current Change Leaders / Anciens
  • Adoumkidjim Naiban

    Adoumkidjim Naiban CESER Tchad

    Adoumkidjim a créé le premier et l'unique centre spécifiquement pour les enfants handicapés mentaux au Tchad, où ils peuvent obtenir l'éducation et des compétences professionnelles.

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  • Milena Basara

    Milena Basara Kreativna udruga

    Creative Association «Hands» supports and empowers children in least developed communities with high-quality educational content as a basis for building their own future. This project specifically supports children who travel to school and, due to low development index of their community, spend hours waiting for school bus, by offering them access and participation in development programs.

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  • Odeta Intė

    Odeta Intė Tėvai tariasi taikiai- 3T

    Co-parenting app “3T” for divorced parents that improves the relationship of the parents and eases the struggles of parenting while separated.

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  • Cecilia Fiaka

    Cecilia Fiaka Nneka Youth Foundation

    Cecilia Fiaka helps children from having their childhoods cut short by teenage pregnancy, drug use and incomplete education. Nkeka Youth Foundation has touched the lives of thousands of Ghanaian kids through summer camps, tours, educational programs and career development, instilling a sense of self-worth and ambition that helps the youth focus on their future goals and dreams.

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  • Herman  Hesse

    Herman Hesse E-Read Right Foundation

    E-Reach Right foundation provides a book and digital app to help students improve their reading, writing, spelling, pronunciation and academic performance through a vocabulary assessment and enhancement program.

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  • Innocent  Sulle

    Innocent Sulle My Little Travelling Library

    Innocent James' "My Little Travelling Library" concept is creating a network of mobile handcart libraries bringing books, run interactive reading classes and reading competitions for children in rural areas. Through this work, Innocent aims to inspire a reading culture among a generation of children, increasing literacy levels and independent learning.

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  • Yves Iradukunda

    Yves Iradukunda Academic Bridge

    Yves runs Academic Bridge, a social enterprise that empowers schools to efficiently collect and manage student's information and share this information with parents. This helps to improve the education system for children by creating environments in which parents are fully involved in their child's education and development.

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  • Jelena Ribić

    Jelena Ribić Family Tales

    Family Tales is a community of writers who create tailor-made fairy tales for children in orphanages based on the experiences of each individual child with a goal of increasing their self-confidence and eliminating fears and trauma.

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  • Erasmus Acko & Marian Ewuram

    Erasmus Acko & Marian Ewuram IT4Teens

    Knowing just how important ICT skills are in an increasingly digital world, Erasmus Ackon and Marian Ewurama Wiredu saw an opportunity to help combat poverty through skills development. With a target on children aged 8 and up, the pair founded IT4Teens to train young people in topics ranging from basic computer skills to app development and graphic design to make them competitive and relevant in the job market and ensure a brighter future.

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  • Faraja Nyalandu

    Faraja Nyalandu Shule Direct

    Faraja is creating digital educational content to empower youth and children via desktop and mobile learning services.

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  • Nataša Bahun

    Nataša Bahun Kroz autizam – zaigrano

    Empowering children and families faced with autism via education, expert supervision, support groups and trainings for parents plus creation of the network of assistants who will develop social skills of children through play therapy.

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  • Kassim Nagwere

    Kassim Nagwere Drömstort

    Drömstort (Dream Big) motivates youth to reach for their dreams and educates Dream Leaders in the suburbs of Stockholm.

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  • Jakob Friis og Nicolaj Sand

    Jakob Friis og Nicolaj Sand Meptek

    Meptek helps participants in strengthening their presentation skills by using using 360 degree cameras and Virtual Reality. Meptek aids both organizations and children with their body language as well as helping with homework and exams. They also increase children's confidence and prepare them for further education.

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  • Nhana Samba

    Nhana Samba Le Geste

    Nhana runs a training & integration program, Le Geste, that uses digital tools to educate hearing impaired children, breaking barriers and introducing them to the world of technology. Le Geste staff visit special schools for hearing impaired children and provide software and tools that allows them to use the Internet fully and free from barriers.

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  • Olga Kolpakova


    Olga Kolpakova and her team interest “difficult teenagers” in organizing performances that popularize healthy life-style and support children in difficult life situation.

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  • Daniela Sadikova & Boyana Kotseva

    Daniela Sadikova & Boyana Kotseva ParaKids

    Daniela and Boyana’s aim is to provide acess to different types of sport for children with disabilities and other development problems trough equipment and trainings for adapted sport.

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  • Baiba Blomniece-Jurāne


    BARBOLETA has developed a wooden balance board - unique and innovative tool for interactive learning that improves children intellectual and learning abilities. Using the product increases attention, engagement and reduces stress levels for a child. As a result, children learn new study material much quicker and feel much happier about themselves, level of anxiety goes down significantly.

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  • Katarina Tašev

    Katarina Tašev Ku-kuc! Priča je unutra

    “Ku-kuc! The Story is Inside” is contributing to increasing the quality of life and relationship between parents and children using the help of thematic products, different play materials and common leisure time activities.

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  • Judith Jønsby

    Judith Jønsby PAPMOR

    Papmor arrange creative and theme-based workshops for refugee children. The children develop and explore their skills and innovative mindset. Each theme is designed to create a space where everyone can be engaged, across language and cultural background. Using recycled cardboard, they get to build and see their own ideas come to life.

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  • Rasmus Thøger Christensen

    Rasmus Thøger Christensen LIVSKRAFT

    LIVSKRAFT organize rehabilitation camps for young people affected by cancer and their siblings. At the camps the young people develop their personal, social, creative and physical strengths, and learn how to use their course of illness to make them stronger.

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  • Sara Yeboah


    To inform, educate and empower young people in Ghana and Africa to make positive decisions concerning their health whilst building a sustainable proactive and healthy generation.

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  • Jenny Lindström Beijar

    Jenny Lindström Beijar Our Normal

    Our Normal provides a digital matchmaking platform for families to prevent exclusion for children with disabilities

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  • Nour  Habib

    Nour Habib Trygg Rätt

    Trygg Rätt inspires and guides young people who want to leave a criminal life, and instead secure a safe and meaningful job through lectures, individual conversations, guidance and contacts with the business community.

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  • Serwah Quaynor

    Serwah Quaynor AACT Ghana

    Serwah is a trained nurse practitioner and has experience working as a women's health educator. Serwah's 27 year old son was diagnosed with autism when he was a child and upon her return to Ghana from the United States found out there was no educational support for her son. The lack of educational programs for children with autism motivated her to start the AACT centre. A centre that trains caregivers all over the country, ensuring all children with autism get care and education, which is their right.

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  • Mikhail Krivonos

    Mikhail Krivonos RABOTA-I CENTER

    Job center for orphanage graduates and young people with disabilities. In this center children from partner companies learn how to write CV, pass an interview and get a job.

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  • Ernest Gavor

    Ernest Gavor Moja App

    Ernest runs an innovative mobile-health solution that plans to increase voluntary blood donation and bridge critical gaps within the blood transfusion supply chain. His goal is to make blood readily available to mothers and children in need.

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  • Ksenija & Siniša Benaković

    Ksenija & Siniša Benaković Iskrice

    This program of professional personal support offers systematic workshops for development of critical, creative and scientific thinking, emotional intelligence and various useful skills to gifted children.

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  • Anna  Tikhomirova

    Anna Tikhomirova BUMPER BOOK BUS

    Bumper Book Bus help children to fall in love with reading. This is a children’s book club on wheels, the shop with the best children’s books that travels around the country.

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  • Mariam  Mayoumbila

    Mariam Mayoumbila Kadja-Kossi

    Mariam Mayoumbila est une ancienne journaliste, écrivaine, actrice, metteur en scène, et entrepreneur culturelle. Directrice du Ballet National tchadien de 1998 à 2007, et Présidente de la Commission Education-Culture-Jeunesse-Sport de 2007 à 2013 au Conseil Economique et Social, Mariam est directrice-fondatrice de l’Association d’Echanges Culturels Kadja-Kossi qu’elle dirige depuis sa création en 1993.

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  • Egita Matulēna

    Egita Matulēna Gludas (home)school

    A structured and cozy environment in which the child knows the rules, the child has the opportunity to coordinate his / her own time and set priorities, learn to solve problems and develop other life-important skills. Teachers at Guldas (home school are emotionally intelligent with a tendency to support the child and promote the opening of his / her potential.

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  • Wilson & Zakiya Amooro

    Wilson & Zakiya Amooro Trash4Books

    This dynamic duo is creating a viable chamber orchestra with violins made from trash. This initiative seeks to create a cleaner, healthier, happier & better educated society through the power of classical music and recycling.

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  • Leka Tingitana

    Leka Tingitana EAFYA

    Leka Tingitana is a tech specialist with a passion for creating digital solutions to problems in the health sector. Through his company LX Technological Solutions for Africa, Leka is developing a mobile communications platform EAFYA, to support the emerging network of Community Health Workers (CHWs) who are on the front-line in providing healthcare support to expectant and new mothers.

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  • Alīse Potaša

    Alīse Potaša Bubble games

    Speech development bubble kits for children and a set of breathing / blowing exercises to improve speech skills for preschool children.

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  • Rebecca Madhani

    Rebecca Madhani Mitt Livs Val

    Mitt Livs Val believes in an inclusive society in which all newly arrived youth have equal choices in life as much as the ‘established’ Swedes. Building on that belief, they have created the first large-scale mentorship program between Swedish students and unaccompanied refugee youth to provide them with a path to attend higher education in Sweden and reduce cultural polarization.

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  • Dalia Mikoliūnaitė

    Dalia Mikoliūnaitė DRĄSIŲ KALVĖ

    DRĄSIŲ KALVĖ - interactive theatre for socially excluded children - increasing their self-esteem, helping to discover and to develop their talents.

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  • Eimantas Bekėža

    Eimantas Bekėža Prisitaikanti e-mokymosi platforma

    This is an online learning platform, which provides differentiated study resources for all levels of students to fully prepare for a specific subject.

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  • Ishmael Hammond

    Ishmael Hammond Special Attention Project

    Ishmael has a mEducation solution which enables effective teaching of the English language using the phonetics of a local dialect (Twi ) for children with learning difficulties in Ghana. The App is multi-sensory and self-correcting, and can be used by schools, families and individuals.

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  • Balnur  Sugiraliyeva

    Balnur Sugiraliyeva ZhastyqTalk

    Balnur maintains a website and social media pages to provide lessons and counseling on the sexual education for teenagers in Kazakh language.

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  • Svetlana Smurigina & Natalya Rumyantseva

    Svetlana Smurigina & Natalya Rumyantseva INCLUSIVE HORSE THEATRE

    Svetlana and Natalia from Yaroslavl' create special performance in their Inclusive Horse Theatre where children with disabilities act together with other children and horses.

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  • Sharnel Deo

    Sharnel Deo PEN Tanzania

    Sharnel runs a Mobile Computer lab for public primary schools, a project which is implemented by PEN Tanzania Organization to improve the quality of ICT education and learning outcome in Tanzania. This project integrates the use of ICT through provision of computer training in primary schools.

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  • Krum Krumov &  Simona Krumova

    Krum Krumov & Simona Krumova Carrot

    Carrot offers educational materials and consultations for early child development. With their help, parents can develop their kids' skills and knowledge in a home environment in an exciting way from their very first months.

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  • Dominique  Uwase Alonga

    Dominique Uwase Alonga Imagine We

    Dominique is a young activist who is using her organization, Imagine We, to create a vibrant reading culture among children in Rwanda. Imagine We organizes national read-a-thon events and is working to equip schools across the country with their own libraries. The read-a-thon program is implemented through an interactive, child-friendly website and mobile app that children use to enter the competition and to find interesting and fun reading materials.

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  • Naomi & Yvette Kuseyo

    Naomi & Yvette Kuseyo Les Écoles du Coeur

    Naomi and Yvette run a social enterprise that creates fun learning environments inside paediatric hospitals, allowing hospitalised children to continue their education.

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  • Ernestina Appiah

    Ernestina Appiah Ghana Code Club

    The Ghana Code Club connects elementary school children to computer science activities in their schools. It provides clubs for children between the ages of 8-16 to gain basic computing skills while learning to make their own games, animations and websites. The Ghana Code Club places an emphasis on programs for girls in an effort to close the digital gender gap.

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  • Sergejs Petrovs

    Sergejs Petrovs Latvia sports

    Application providing 3 key functions: motivating youngsters to do sports, giving online access to the city's sport infrastructure, suggesting time/place and candidates to contest / build a team.

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  • Tomáš Pouch

    Tomáš Pouch

    The project provides physically disabled children with special hand-bikes that nobody has yet produced.

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  • Gaspard Twagirayezu

    Gaspard Twagirayezu Creation Hill

    Gaspard develops programs and tools designed to increase interest in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) among children through fun and engaging activities.

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  • Sheila Osei Boakye

    Sheila Osei Boakye Literacy for Life

    Literacy for Life aims to equip trainers of pupils with the skills required to lay a strong foundation for language and literacy. It also equips children with the ability to build a strong foundation for reading and literacy which is the vehicle for academic excellence.

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  • Silvena Hristova & Krassimir Lambov

    Silvena Hristova & Krassimir Lambov Life with Down Syndrome

    The project Life with Down Syndrom aimes to provoke the interest and awareness of the society towards the Down Syndrome trough a series of entertaining and informative video clips of Krassimir and Silvena’s children - Kris and Mikaela who is diagnosed with the Syndrom.

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  • Petar Reić

    Petar Reić OmoLab

    Tools for children with communication difficulties

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  • Anthony Agee-kum

    Anthony Agee-kum Edutainment Homework Canopy

    Edutainment Homework Canopy provides light and space that children require to do their homework and read their schoolbooks. With various activities available to generate enthusiasm for learning among the children, as well as community volunteer teachers who serve as role models, the homework canopy is an environment where learning is fun, and success is never far from reach.

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  • Samuel Gyabah

    Samuel Gyabah Samalex Solutions

    Samalex Solutions provides micro flush toilets to local schools and rural communities solving the problem of proper and hygienic waste disposal facilities in Ghana with a simple and affordable solution.

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  • Razak Gausu &  Abdul Alhassan

    Razak Gausu & Abdul Alhassan Child Health Information & Monitoring Foundation

    Razak and Abdul want to eliminate preventable disease and improve child health in Ghana. They provide a system that sends SMS and automated voice calls that remind parents of their child’s vaccinations and health checkups so that children's health is never overlooked.

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  • Israel A.  Yeboah

    Israel A. Yeboah Unilynq

    Israel is using his organization Unilynq to eliminate the use of traditional student data storage in paper form while increasing the number of students passing their exam each year. Unilynq is a data storage system and an e-learning platform for students that keeps track of their academic data and helps students to enhance their learning. Unilynq is an online web application that can be used across various platforms including PCs and mobile devices.

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  • Evelyne Naotordene

    Evelyne Naotordene NaoFood

    Evelyne Naotordene discovered that good quality foods are hard to find in schools, and parents do not know exactly what their children eat when they are at school. Through her initiative, the Naofood Project, Evelyne provides quality food to students during breaks. She works with nutritionists to identify food that are important for children’s growth and shares the menu with parents using through mobile phones!

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  • Yana Leonova

    Yana Leonova CHANGE ONE LIFE

    Yana has been working in non-profit since 2002. In "Change one life" she ensures the process of creating short videos about children and is responsible for popularization of charity program.

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  • Rita  Žogelė

    Rita Žogelė Uniq Dance

    Rita propose dance activities for children with special needs. These dance lessons improves posture, physical and brain condition, sensomotoric and social skills. Rita propose not only dance lessons, but the better integration in society, too. The organization "Unikalus šokis" will organize various events, tour that can help to comunicate more about childrens with special needs and help them to be full-fledged members of society.

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  • Neven Boyanov & Ivaylo Nikolov

    Neven Boyanov & Ivaylo Nikolov Tinusaur

    Tinusaur offers hardware, software and methodology which teaches children STEM in a fun and practical way.

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  • Meruyert Argimbayeva

    Meruyert Argimbayeva Charity shop "Radost"

    Meruyert opened the first charity shop in Kazakhstan ensuring financial support for children with brain and central nervous system diseases.

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  • Martine Umulisa

    Martine Umulisa Kaami Arts

    Martine's social enterprise targets Rwanda's most vulnerable children and helps them to overcome challenges they face by developing their artistic talents using theatre, music, dance and fine arts.

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  • Patrick Kabangiro

    Patrick Kabangiro ITOO PALUCHECK

    Patrick runs an innovative solution called "itoo palucheck"; a medical mobile app that diagnoses malaria through infrared and Internet. With this amazing innovation, there is no need of a blood sample, or a microscope! This solution will also allow health professionals to do their activities quickly and effectively, reducing the death rate of malaria infected patients.

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  • Veronika Lendler

    Veronika Lendler Mali pomagači

    Young Helpers project supports and empowers children who are facing specific challenges of disability in the family. These children – Young Helpers – are provided with individual support and counseling as well as group support. The project also deals with advocacy aimed at formal recognition of Young Helpers in the social care system.

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  • Artem Sorokin


    Artem coordinates Joiner's shop "RukiOttuda" where children with disabilities can learn joinery meanwhile earning some money, building relations with other people and taking responsibility for their work.

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  • Anna Lindh

    Anna Lindh Right To Play

    Right To Play Sweden is working to get newly arrived youth into the labor market. The purpose of their work is to increase the number of young people to become more active participants in society, to combat discrimination and exclusion through the most important step towards effective integration - work.

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  • Elizabeth Monteil

    Elizabeth Monteil Cybercase

    By addressing the need for internet connectivity in rural areas Elisabeth has found an solution that addresses social inclusion and education for children. Her “Cyberspaces” provide internet connection, laptops and computers in villages, as well as a place for trainings and access to information technology for young students and apprentices.

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  • Birgitte Toft-Petersen and Laura Nørlev Nyby

    Birgitte Toft-Petersen and Laura Nørlev Nyby PROJEKT Q-VÆRK

    Project Q-Værk offers boot camps and group sessions for children who have experienced their mother being in an abusive relationship. Through play and activities, the children acquire tools to express and deal with the challenges they meet in the process of moving forward towards a life without violence. Furthermore, the children experience that they are not alone.

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  • Dinara Mussakhanova

    Dinara Mussakhanova Training and production center 'preodoleyKA'

    Dinara has created a center, where children from low income families and children with disabilities can get knowledge and skills in order to get financial rewards for their work and have prosperous independent life in future.

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  • Carolyne Ekyarisiima

    Carolyne Ekyarisiima Apps & Girls

    Carolyne believes in empowering girls with ICT skills because she believes in their capacity and innovation power.

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  • Kunka Velikova & Nina Dimova

    Kunka Velikova & Nina Dimova Things with Soul

    Things with Soul creates educational games and materials which help children with special educational needs learn easily while playing.

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  • Joan Avit

    Joan Avit GraphoGame

    GraphoGame Tanzania aims at improving quality of early childhood education through the dissemination of a child-friendly, game-based, educational innovation designed to help children learn reading easier and effectively.

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    Louis NGABONZIZA Empowering Children with Disabilities

    In Rwanda, children with hearing impairments can be excluded from formal education and society at large, resulting in illiteracy, stigmatization in their communities and socio-economic marginalization as adults. Louis’ organization Empowering Children with Disabilities is working to change this and to ensure that deaf children access the resources they need to succeed. By providing hearing impaired children and youth with formal education, technology and vocational skills, Louis is working to build a generation of confident, self-sufficient young Rwandans.

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  • Gulmira  Amatova

    Gulmira Amatova Kid’s Development Academy "Zhas Kemenger”

    Zhas Kemenger Development Center is unique because children are not only learning Kazakh language there but they are taught in this language. Center is using unique individual methology created by its teachers.

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  • Shanga Aziz &  Rogerio Silva

    Shanga Aziz & Rogerio Silva Locker Room Talk

    Locker Room Talk offers education, tools and platforms for young boys and adults to make it easier to talk about gender equality, fair play and being a great friend in and around locker rooms.

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  • Auxilia Ndamage

    Auxilia Ndamage Afrovector

    Auxilia is working to include Rwanda's farmers in the financial system by digitizing the agriculture value chain and providing farmers with access to financial services like savings, loans and pensions so that they can provide their families with a better future.

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  • Signe Naessing

    Signe Naessing VI ER VENNER

    Vi er venner have created the world's first friendship app for people with developmental disabilities. They enable online friendships where everyone can join, as communication happens via video and audio. Er er venner app is a welcoming and safe platform to connect with people across disabilities, mobility, housing, and work. Vi er venner app makes it possible to meet new friends based on common interests.

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  • Mikaela Illanes

    Mikaela Illanes Inicio

    Inicio provides hands-on, technology focused workshops for teenagers. These workshops are designed to equip participants with 21st century skills, which are defined as critical thinking,creativity, collaboration, communication, information literacy, media literacy, technology literacy, flexibility, leadership,initiative, productivity, and social skills.

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  • Mariela Stanulova & Ralitsa Zhecheva

    Mariela Stanulova & Ralitsa Zhecheva Parent Academy

    Parent Academy brings together experts (live and online), who share their knowledge on topics such as pregnancy, birth, health, education, upbringing.

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  • Mārtiņš Gulbis

    Mārtiņš Gulbis Science School Laboratorium

    Science School Laboratorium offers summer science camps and a program with systematic weekly lessons in physics and chemistry - informative, cognitive and fascinating at the same time. The goal is to let children, in the ages 8 to 16 to fall in love with science and choose profession connected to this field in the future.

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  • Julien Daniel MItali

    Julien Daniel MItali Mimshack Star Ltd.

    Julien helps students prepare for and pass their national examinations through a digital platform that connects them to learning materials, career development and specialized teachers.

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  • Josephine Marie Godwyll

    Josephine Marie Godwyll Young at Heart Gh

    Josephine founded Young at Heart Gh to improve education in rural areas in Ghana. Her solution makes use of technology to improve the learning experience of children in rural schools by empowering them with basic computer skills, setting up ICT learning hubs equipped with computers and educational software and encouraging the use of these facilities for distant learning tutorials.

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  • Sara Lydiksen & Kaja Vardøen

    Sara Lydiksen & Kaja Vardøen KIGO

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  • Ivana Šalić

    Ivana Šalić Inkluzivna farma

    Inclusive Farm will be a place for psychosocial support and the service of day-care, where children and young people with disabilities will be enabled for independence and independent living, better integration and inclusion in the society using the methods of non-formal education.

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  • Cordie  Aziz

    Cordie Aziz Environment 360

    Turning trash into cash is an innovative idea that helps communities stay healthy and create economic empowerment. Using cartoon characters like Jaku and the Earth Defenders, Cordie believes we can change behavioral patterns and help people learn to make a variety of useful products from waste items.

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  • Alassane Ngom

    Alassane Ngom Parc des Sciences et des Technologies

    Alassane Ngom has created the Centre for Science and Technology to support the emergence of a scientific culture in Senegal, especially among children.

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  • Mads Lønnberg and Signe Gjervig

    Mads Lønnberg and Signe Gjervig LEARNING MISSION

    Learning Mission works for a world where children can learn freely through inspiration and guidance. They will accelerate the inevitable transformation of the school system by raising awareness of the disadvantages of traditional learning principles. Learning Mission wants t to kickstart the implementation of healthier learning environments that are relevant to children and youth in the 21st century.

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  • Zhanna Karatai

    Zhanna Karatai Adaptive ski lessons "Pioneer"

    Zhanna and her team are developing methodology for the rehabilitation and inclusion of kids with autism spectrum disorder. This methodology includes special summer mountain camps for kids and adaptive ski lessons in winter.

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  • Brenda-Deborah Shuma

    Brenda-Deborah Shuma Gabriella Rehab Centre

    Children with disabilities belong to one of the most vulnerable groups in Tanzania. They are often segregated from the rest of society and other children, they are denied their right to education, and they are deprived of a chance of creating a fruitful future for themselves. Brenda Deborah Shuma is working to address this problem by empowering these children with the vocational skills they need to generate income and build a future for themselves.

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  • Louise Hammarbäck Miranda

    Louise Hammarbäck Miranda PACS Sverige

    PACS educates children, coaches and associations in children's rights and bodily integrity to activate the children’s rights convention in the sports movement and prevent sexual abuse.

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  • Khalid Fadoul

    Khalid Fadoul Technidev

    Khalid Fadoul's social innovation addresses the lack of quality content for students as well as teachers, resulting in low academic performance in Chad. Khalid's organization Technidev develops quality educational contents that students could access using their mobile phones or computers.

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  • Alice Amoako

    Alice Amoako Autism Ambassadors of Ghana

    Alice's organization conducts autism awareness activities that will change the the way Ghana and the world look view people with autism. She has developed an app that educates and informs the public about autism and also provides an emergency response system for caregivers of autistic children, who are often marginalized in society.

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  • Mårten Granlund

    Mårten Granlund Under Kevlaret

    Under Kevlaret is a support forum for boys- by boys. They inspires guys to talk about feelings and to dare to ask for help and support. In that way they work towards a world where all boys feel safe to be themselves.

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  • Nina & Vladimir Nikiforovi

    Nina & Vladimir Nikiforovi WHITE HORSE GALLERY

    Nina and Vladimir Nikiforovi set an example and teach kids and teenagers to make this world cleaner and pollution-free, perceiving the art of ecology.

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  • Sijis Dienga Dikete

    Sijis Dienga Dikete Enfant Foot Développement

    Sijis Dienga Dikete inspires disadvantaged youth through sports programming and camps where excellence on the field is taught alongside critical life and success skills.

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  • Jobbsøkerhjelpen


    Jobbsøkerhjelpen is a social enterprise founded in 2017. The founders, Matilda von Sydow, Miriam Mardan og Vegard Foseide, wanted to develop a non-commercial and easy to access offer for young job seekers. They offer free courses, guidance and follow up for young people who wants to get jobs. They also run projects and offer courses. They have developed a unique model, where they train up some of the young attendees to become course leaders and advisors to new batches of job seekers. This way they also provide peer learning and employment opportinities. Expectations from employers and the tools used in recruitment processes change constantly. Training in how to seek and apply for jobs also vary between schools and other accessible arenas. Jobbsøkerhjelpen know that many young people want to enter the job marked. They have experienced that a combination of professional and personal guidance, dedicated time for each individual and updated advice, give very good results.

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  • Mikhail  Epshtein

    Mikhail Epshtein WORLD OF MATH MUSEUM

    Mihail organized the first Russian Interactive "Math World" museum, where children can feel beauty and elegance of mathematical ideas and forget about their fear of this school subject.

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  • Linda Ansong

    Linda Ansong STEMbees

    Linda has a passion for IT and believes that everyone, girls and boys, young and old, can learn how to code and create apps and IT tools. She thinks that if children received a more solid S.T.E.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) education, they would have more chances to succeed in their adult life. Therefore, she will open a centre where children will be taught ICT and STEM in a fun and very practical way, through the actual production of products that can eventually be sold in the market.

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  • Alfiya  Smagulova

    Alfiya Smagulova Profi

    Alfiya deals with luck of high quality education and vocational guidance for teenagers and youth in rural area by creating an edutainment centre.

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  • Aibek Yessimov

    Aibek Yessimov MMDANCE Social creative centre

    Aibek has created a school, which allows children from orphanages to engage in artistic arts, and will make the process of socialization and adaptation in society more effective.

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  • Belinda Hornshøj

    Belinda Hornshøj HeartWork

    Belinda Hornshøj has come up with the concept of HeartWork, a way of including social entrepreneurship in the public school system by making use of the interdependency between pre- or ground school children and senior citizens. The exchange of experience and close connection between old and young benefit all children and seniors - but especially those children that thrive less in the public school system and the seniors that are the most vulnerable.

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  • Jean Luc Semedo & Evelyne Ines

    Jean Luc Semedo & Evelyne Ines Hope: Mon sang pour sauver des vies

    Jean and Evelyne have developed a web and mobile application platform to promote blood donation by registering blood donors and encouraging them to donate. The duo has already partnered with 19 blood banks in Senegal, and they plan to scale using SMS as a platform to roll out their initiative across the country. Their platform will use SMS and voice messages in French and in local languages to reach as many people as possible.

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  • Didier Lalaye

    Didier Lalaye SMS Lifeline

    Didier Lalaye est un médecin qui a eu à travailler dans un des hôpitaux les plus réputés de N’Djamena. Avec son association Tchad Plus, il combat la forte prévalence de de la bilharziose par une méthode d’identification rapide de la maladie à l’aide d’unités mobiles de dépistage qui utilise un téléphone à cet effet.Il a installé des unités mobiles de dépistage dans les villages exposés à cette maladie.

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  • Sam Zizinga

    Sam Zizinga Cartoon Home Network

    Sam is working to change the way that children learn, helping them to do better school. His Cartoon Home Network provides school-aged children with video simulations that provide practical demonstrations of the theory covered in the curriculum, to help them better retain concepts. Sam is currently building digital videos to support curriculum in all science courses in nursery, primary and secondary school levels.

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  • Mirjana  Bijelić

    Mirjana Bijelić Put - podrška u tugovanju

    Grieving Children and Families Support Program is the first group support program for children who have suffered a loss of a close family member.

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  • Kiiya JK

    Kiiya JK C-Sema

    C-Sema runs the National Child Helpline (CHL) in-collaboration with the Government of Tanzania. The National Child Helpline helps children in need of care and protection through a toll-free 116 telephone line available across all networks in Tanzania.

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  • Simona Koncytė

    Simona Koncytė Gudo+

    Production and adaptation of special clothing for children who must carry medical devices, according to their needs. Clothing will help children to better integrate into society, enhance freedom of movement, and safe carrying of devices.

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  • Sinisaša-Senad Musić

    Sinisaša-Senad Musić RoUm

    Support and training of children and young Roma people in conversion of discarded objects (upcycling) through inclusive design and digital skills of narration stories about them, with the aim of developing employment skills and opportunities which increases self confidence of the young people and socio-economical participation, improves quality of their lives and changes perception of society about them.

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  • Neema Shosho

    Neema Shosho Afya Slices

    Afya Slices uses digital tools to provide nutritional information targeting mothers, caretakers and health providers to reduce the infant mortality rate and malnutrition among children up to five years old. Neema's social innovation uses a mobile platform to provide information on how to use locally available & affordable food to improve child nutrition.

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  • Nyakwesi Mujaya

    Nyakwesi Mujaya Makini Organization

    Makini addresses street children of Dar es Salaam by providing them with access to health facilities, social services, basic education and most importantly imparting life skills through the arts.

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  • Stavros Stavru & Iva Grueva

    Stavros Stavru & Iva Grueva The Poppals

    The Poppals are digital educational games, which help children learn to work in a team.

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  • Sandrina Sandell

    Sandrina Sandell Løvetannakademiet

    Sandrina Sandell grunnla Løvetannakademiet sammen med Camilla Tryti med hensikt å hjelpe ungdom og unge voksne, som er eller har vært en del av barnevernet. Gjennom skreddersydde programmer, er målet at ungdommen skal opparbeide seg kunnskap og utvikle ferdigheter som gjøre dem rustet til å klare overgangen til voksenlivet på best mulig måte.

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  • Erick Joseph

    Erick Joseph Family Wallet

    Erick has developed a digital application that helps informal workers save a portion of their earnings. It also tracks their income and expenses to help them build credit, access loans and create a better life for themselves and their families through access to financial services.

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  • Jenny Sköld & Lotta Bergseth

    Jenny Sköld & Lotta Bergseth Mobile Stories

    Mobile Stories offers a publishing tool which educates youth in knowing of media and information while they are producing school material in the form of different articles.

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  • Patricia Ronel Neldingar

    Patricia Ronel Neldingar ADTIC

    Patricia Ronel Neldingar est une jeune femme brillante avec un Master en Informatique, elle est passionnée par l'éducation et est la presidente-fondatrice de ADTIC, une association qui promeut le développement des TIC.

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  • Louise Havkær og  Christina Havning

    Louise Havkær og Christina Havning Designed Learning

    Designed Learning creates physical products that bring together children and their parents, which creates presence and attentiveness. In an easy and educational manner, children should learn to choose being close to their parents rather than isolating themselves through electronics.

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  • Lina Daxini

    Lina Daxini MIHA

    Croatian sign language for Children MIHA is a unique mobile app enriched with video materials and images and therefore adapted for children, foremost the ones with development difficulties who are recommended to use Croatian sign language to communicate.

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  • Yana Genova &Iskra Djanabetska & Dessislava Gavrilova

    Yana Genova &Iskra Djanabetska & Dessislava Gavrilova Knigovishte

    Knigovishte is an educational internet platform which develops children’s reading comprehension skills and enhances the pleasure of book reading.

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  • Predrag Mraović

    Predrag Mraović Sunflower Power

    This project aims to teach children and youth about entrepreneurship by creating a local eco gift shop where education and arts and crafts activities will be held and local people can sell their items.

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  • Alexander Ponomarev  Maria Genina

    Alexander Ponomarev Maria Genina

    Alexander and Maria have developed an educational program aimed at building respectful and trusting relationship between children and parents.

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  • Vytautas Butkus

    Vytautas Butkus Trys kubai

    Education platform for schools that utilizes the computer game Minecraft to increase the motivation of students.

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  • Emile Babu

    Emile Babu Isoko

    Emile is developing a virtual marketplace to help low-income workers not only to earn more income, but also to lay the foundation for them to build credit so that they can access small loans to help their families and send their children to school.

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  • Diāna Mekša

    Diāna Mekša SOLIS AUGŠUP (Step Upwards)

    SOLIS AUGŠUP is a day centre for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). A place where professionals (speech therapist, ABA therapist, ergotherapist, masseur) and volunteers work together to improve the life quality of children with autism and to support their families.

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  • Karim GADJIGO

    Karim GADJIGO Mia Moké

    Mia Moké is an environmental education app for African children aged 4 to 10. The app features a young African girl who takes children on an entertaining journey with her where they read, sing colour and learn about nature, biodiversity and problems related to deforestation and pollution.

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  • Bihaga Edward

    Bihaga Edward Umoja wa wawezeshaji (KIOO)

    Edward is an activist who is determined to eradicate child labour in Kigoma, Tanzania and beyond.

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  • Inese Grīnvalde & Agita Akmentiņa-Kūliņa

    Inese Grīnvalde & Agita Akmentiņa-Kūliņa Bowl of happiness

    By offering children and young people developmental activities in warm natural materials, we reduce the disturbances caused by long-term stress, as a result of which their development improves. (According to the experience, after 4 times, sleep and language disorders, aggression, the so-called "tici" decrease, the ability to learn, the ability to recognize one's emotions, the ability to adapt and build relationships improve).

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  • Viktoria Velichkova Yana Lipovanska

    Viktoria Velichkova Yana Lipovanska Margaritka

    Margaritka is a project created by Vicktoria Velichkova and Yana Lipovanska with the aim to entertain and educate the youngest children (0-5) with music and 3D videos, as well as to help their parents find a way to their children.

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  • Thadei Msumanje

    Thadei Msumanje Tanzania Rural Empowerment Organization (TAREO)

    Thadei Msumanje works to decrease Tanzania’s rural-urban divide by bringing ICT to rural communities, where few children have access to it today.

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  • Current Change Leaders / Anciens
  • Lotte Hornemann Søjborg

    Lotte Hornemann Søjborg Healthy Kids Academy

    Lotte has come up with the idea of the “Healthy Kids Academy” (HKA), a 10-week long, specially developed weight-loss-program for overweight children and their families. In the 10-week period the children will exchange their mandatory school attendance from their normal schools to the HKA, where focus is on becoming healthy again.

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  • Svetlana Titova

    Svetlana Titova Mentoring program for kids from orhpanages

    The graduate of SOS Children's Villages Svetlana believes that every kid needs a mentor, who can give a positive example, especially kids from SOS villages and orphanages. That is why she decided to start mentoring program for orphans.

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  • Fassika Fikre

    Fassika Fikre

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  • Peter Ndonwie

    Peter Ndonwie Paorp-Vwc

    Peter has been a persistent advocate for women and children’s rights in Ghana through his organization PAORP-VWC which promotes education in areas with discrimination against women and children. The mission is to research, organize, support, expand and strengthen the activities of human rights organizations as well as women and youth groups.

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  • Jacques Kayisire

    Jacques Kayisire DREAM Team Football Academy

    Half of Rwanda’s population is under 18. This means that children and youth in Rwanda need to be supported, empowered and encouraged as they have a crucial role in the future of the country. Kayisire Jacques has developed a Football and ICT Skills Training program which helps rejuvenate the Rwandan youth, increase their self-esteem, promote peace, reconciliation and unity and inspire a joyful spirit. The program will empower children through both football and computer skills.

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  • Elin Lutke & Jailton Carneiro

    Elin Lutke & Jailton Carneiro Cirkus Unik

    Cirkus Unik combines entrepreneurship and contemporary circus to create social inclusion and opportunities for children and youth in Sweden.

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  • Irma Liubartienė

    Irma Liubartienė DRAMBLYS

    Irma has the ambition to increase EQ among teachers in Lithuania through a 4 modules EQ program called "Dramblys". She aims to introduce an EQ quality mark to schools in the country.

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  • Darius Juravičius

    Darius Juravičius Internet surfer

    Mobile learning application with a smart pocket money as a reward system

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  • Yvan Bayisabe & Fredrik Mosis

    Yvan Bayisabe & Fredrik Mosis VIBRO

    VIBRO er en organisasjon som fokuserer på å engasjere og styrke ungdommer, og å oppmuntre dem til aktivt å delta i samfunnet.

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  • Ina  Grasmane

    Ina Grasmane LOVE HOUSE

    Ina created Love House where children are looking for an answer to the question “who am I?” with the careful guidance from adults. Latvian specialists developed education, training and therapeutic system called "Pedagogy of Love" that is being implemented in the LoveHouse. This unique system is teaching children to love the life. It also teaches adults how to talk to children so that the child would get the message “We Love You!”

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  • Merete Grimeland

    Merete Grimeland World Wide Narrative

    Gjennom digitale fortellinger laget av ungdommer og unge voksne, arbeider Merete med å formidle sterke og inspirerende historier som alle kan lære noe av.

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  • Johanna Valentin

    Johanna Valentin Utsiktstornet

    Utsiktstornet uses chess as an educational tool to give children a playful opportunity to develop, both socially and intellectually.

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  • Mohammed S. Tahir & Marie-Eve Lemieux

    Mohammed S. Tahir & Marie-Eve Lemieux DUNK

    Through basketball, life skills training and a mentoring programme, Marie-Eve and Mohammed's social enterprise encourages children from deprived communities to become agents of change.

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  • Tina Marie Tsiplakis

    Tina Marie Tsiplakis Mangfold Forlag

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  • Diana Lapkis & Anna Lokomete

    Diana Lapkis & Anna Lokomete BetterTogether

    The idea of project LabākKopā is to integrate primary and secondary school pupils from socially disadvantaged families, boarding schools and orphanages into society. Within the project, each child gets a student-mentors, who will not only help a child to get better grades in school, but also will become his friend, an example and a role model. Students-mentors will help pupils to believe in themselves and find talents to be developed, through formal and informal teaching methods.

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  • Tamilya Anchutkina

    Tamilya Anchutkina Co-working "Mama Dom"

    Tamilya believes that for small kids their connection with mother is very important. That is why together with her team she opened a co-working center with the playroom and a nanny where women can work near their children.

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  • Jean Toningar

    Jean Toningar BAL-Tchad & Bamisa

    Jean Toningar est un agent de développement, il a travaillé pour prévenir la malnutrition au Tchad depuis les 5 dernières années et a été le premier à introduire la céréale BAL-TCHAD et BAMISA il ya quelques années.

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  • Еvgenia Sarafova & Dimitar Zhelev

    Еvgenia Sarafova & Dimitar Zhelev Geograf BG

    The mission of Geograf BG is to make science interesting for children by providing high quality web content and creative workshops, through which children can have fun while making great discoveries.

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  • James Kofi Annan

    James Kofi Annan Challenging Heights

    Through education, economic empowerment and community mobilization, Challenging Heights targets at- risk, poor families to explain the dangers of child trafficking and to address the root cause of slavery.

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  • Dennis Lennartsson

    Dennis Lennartsson SPREADTHESIGN.COM offers hearing disabled and deaf children and their families a free web platform where they can learn to communicate in sign language.

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  • Teibi Torm

    Teibi Torm BACK TO SCHOOL

    Teibi established a civil society initiative called "Back to School” to strengthen the cooperation between Estonian schools and the rest of the society.

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  • Anna  Shelepova

    Anna Shelepova SPORT CONCEPT

    Anna and her team build multifunctional sports grounds in Almaty, making sport accessible for all children including children from dysfunctional families who don't have opportunity to buy special equipment.

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  • Abel Hailegiorgis

    Abel Hailegiorgis

    Abel designs and builds innovative wheelchairs made out of bamboo that are vastly cheaper than any other wheelchair available in Ethiopia.

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  • Dejene Adem

    Dejene Adem

    Dejene supports economically disadvantaged women in urban areas through vertical farming. Women can grow and sell fresh vegetables safely without polluted water, using a strong, easily portable and cost effective bamboo frame.

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  • Imad  Elabdala

    Imad Elabdala Kidnovation

    Kidnovation are working with practical tools to provide trauma treatment through storytelling.

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  • Ayatam Simineh

    Ayatam Simineh Beautiful Minds Ethiopia

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  • Ezinne Okparaebo

    Ezinne Okparaebo Ezinne Athletics

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  • Sanna Bergendahl

    Sanna Bergendahl Föreningen Storasyster

    Föreningen Storasyster mentors sexually abused children so that they’re able to talk about their experiences and get the help they need.

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  • Julia Östfeldt

    Julia Östfeldt Föreningen Tillsammans

    Föreningen Tillsammans actively works to spread knowledge about sexual violence and its consequences through lectures and sharing their own stories with the aim to reduce sexual violence. Föreningen Tillsammans also work with support groups both for individuals who have been exposed to sexual violence, group work and mentorship programs.

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  • Metasebia Mammo

    Metasebia Mammo ACUMEN

    Metasebia improves relationships between parents and children through parenting trainings, to help children grow into confident, resilient adults who likely to succeed.

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  • Peter Kwarteng

    Peter Kwarteng Neonatal Network Support System

    Peter Kwarteng strives to reduce the mortality rate of newborns by giving health personnel easy access to life-saving information through movile phones. His work is improving the chances of survival for vulnerable babies through education, institutional networking and financial support for critical emergency medical care.

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  • Gabriella Meinert-Medici

    Gabriella Meinert-Medici Genklange

    Genklange makes use of classical music to develop children's recreational and immersion skills, as well as their language skills. The music is made into a common language where everyone can participate regardless of ethnic origin.

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  • Faridah Shakoor

    Faridah Shakoor Abloom Filmfestival

    Abloom Filmfestival samler barn, ungdom og foreldre for å redusere tabuer knyttet til funksjonshemninger. Den primære målgruppen er minoritetsfamilier, der tabuene ofte er dyptgående. Abloom Filmfestival tar sikte på å redusere isolasjon, ensomhet og lav selvtillit som mange barn med funksjonshemminger ofte opplever.

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  • Saad Yusuf Hashi & Firdawsa Ahmed

    Saad Yusuf Hashi & Firdawsa Ahmed Atlas Kompetanse

    Saad og Firdawsa startet Atlas Kompetanse fordi de ønsket å forbedre kommunikasjonen mellom foreldre med minoritetsbakgrunn og offentlige systemer, slik som skole og barnevern. Målet er å støtte foreldre i deres rolle slik at de bedre kan kommunisere med barna sine, og med de systemene barna er tilknyttet.

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  • Nils Holm

    Nils Holm På Rätt Köl

    På rätt köl is an educational concept for students with ADHD & ADD. The concept combines traditional, theoretical studies with life coaching and boat building.

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  • Naim Zeneli

    Naim Zeneli Forza Ungdom

    Forza Ungdom helps unaccompanied child refugees by providing them with a network of adult role models and friends of the same age.

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  • Susan Sabaa

    Susan Sabaa CRRECENT

    Susan Sabaa works with children who are in or have been released from the juvenile justice system, to reintegrate them into the community.

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  • Deborah  Ahenkorah

    Deborah Ahenkorah Golden Baobab

    Through her NGO, Deborah aims to inspire the creation, ensure the production and facilitate the distribution of enthralling, high quality, culturally relevant literary content by African writers and illustrators for African children.

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  • Mirko Miilits

    Mirko Miilits SMART KIDS

    The idea of Smart Kids, created by Mirko, is to bring innovative solutions in children's education using new and modern technologies.

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  • Felix Uzor

    Felix Uzor Felix Fitness

    Felix Fitness offers programs that promotes water safety by educating students and informing beach and hotel managers about proper safety precautions. Using education and advocacy, Felix has raised awareness about the risks of water activities and how to prevent drownings. He has also equipped hundreds of young people with water safety, rescue and CPR skills.

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  • Getter Toome

    Getter Toome Aga Mina

    Many children get injured on playgrounds each year in Estonia. Many injuries that could be prevented. Getter Toome aims to reduce these injuries in an inspiring way through her developed play and tools for both children and teachers.

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  • Masresha Beniam

    Masresha Beniam Omnicoders

    Masresha runs a training center that provides interactive, practical and real time training in programming and coding. The centre promotes skills in software and mobile app development among youth - especially girls - to bring about quality products to the world and fill the digital gap, while solving real world problems.

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  • Eva Fog


    DigiPippi is an online portal that strives to meet girls where they are, and in doing so, make information technology feel more relevant and interesting to them. On the portal, the girls learn about women who have made a career within the IT world, which will help them identify with these role models who share their interest. Through its community chats, forums, and offline social events, the girls will be able to live out, develop, and expand their interest for IT with like-minded peers.

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  • Madeleine Opira

    Madeleine Opira A Million Minds

    Madeleine is an educated lawyer who runs the think tank A Million Minds, which work to change the image of the Stockholm’s housing projects and motivate and improve the conditions for youths living there.

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  • Patricia Raweka

    Patricia Raweka Gro Play produces local, environmentally friendly, educational toys, games and apps that make learning about the environment fun.

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  • Million Gezahegn

    Million Gezahegn MG Greenovations PLC

    supplies innovative, affordable & locally sourced climate-smart horticultural solutions. These include

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  • Noella Thindwa

    Noella Thindwa Congolese Children for the Future

    Noella Thindwa provides entrepreneurship training for single mothers ages 13 to 18, as well as a network of free, bilingual nurseries for their children.

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  • Maria  Lenskjold Christensen

    Maria Lenskjold Christensen Læseuniverset

    Maria has founded and runs Læseuniverset (The Universe of Reading), which is an intensive reading and writing course offered in-house at her Læseuniverset-school. Children attending are either taken out of class or receive teaching in their school-holidays. The reading course is so efficient, that a week at Læseuniverset, on average, raises the child’s lix-number (the ability to read and write increasingly complex words) by 3 (compared to 5, on average, in a whole school year)!

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  • Sherry Hakimnejad

    Sherry Hakimnejad KOMPASS & CO

    Kompass & Co gir yrkesopplæring og gir tilgang til arbeidserfaring for ungdom som har gått ut av skolen. Kompass & Co øker ungdommens selvtillit og deres tro på egne evner.

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  • Sissa Pagels &  Louise Lindén

    Sissa Pagels & Louise Lindén Young Innovation Hub

    Young Innovation Hub identifies and educates young leaders and role models to build hubs for young entrepreneurship and change work - locally and globally. Through social innovation and start-up methods, young role models and change agents grow through Young Innovation Hub's meetings and networks.

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  • Reda Rukene

    Reda Rukene Give kids a voice

    “Give kids a voice” is a digital platform that allows children to recognize, evaluate and report the internet content that they use.

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  • Mila Tatović Ramljak &  Ivana Kostić & Anita Juka

    Mila Tatović Ramljak & Ivana Kostić & Anita Juka NEFORMALNI ZAVOD ZA ZAPOŠLJAVANJE

    We strengthen self-confidence of youth without parental care for independence and labor market integration with specialized trainings in CV development, coordinating finances and networking with employers.

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  • Edvard  Ljulko


    Minutes of Stillness gives children tools to become more relaxed, focused, attentive, creative and self-aware by offering teachers and parents a variety of easy and practical awareness exercises, that can be used in schools, at home or other places.

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  • Elena Timofeeva

    Elena Timofeeva JEWELGIRLS

    The mission of Safe House foundation is to prevent human trafficking and to provide support to victims.

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  • Johan Wendt

    Johan Wendt Mattecentrum

    Mattecentrum offers students free mathematics coaching through open-house tutoring sessions and the online tool

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  • Kirsten Birk Olsen

    Kirsten Birk Olsen Følgeskabet

    Kirsten Birk Olsen has founded Følgeskabet (The Followship), which works with establishing strong leadership communities in the daycare centers and kindergartens. Leaders and representatives of the parents attend courses, seminars, and/or development conversations in order to create a unified and agreed upon path for the cooperation between the parents and employees, for the benefit of the children.

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  • Harriet Cordelia Nielsen

    Harriet Cordelia Nielsen ASKOV RIDECENTER

    Harriet Cordelia Nielsen has created Askov Ridecenter's "The Unique Offer" for physically, socially and educationally challenged children. The combination of horseback riding and educational training gives the children the opportunity of participating at school on more equal terms.

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  • Meelis Raiend

    Meelis Raiend The Spirit of Sport

    The Spirit of Sport / Spordivaim joins humans who are interested in helping young people to develop, both mentally and physically, through sports. The goal is to create the environment where the young person could develop freely in the way that hi/she could fulfill his/her dreams and potential as a human being.

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  • Tatjana Tarasova

    Tatjana Tarasova Karosta Kids

    Interactive textile book for children with autism to be used as a learning tool and a toy. It is an innovative way to help children with autism to be more independent.

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  • Ekaterina Yosifova & Nataliya  Alexandrova & Stanka Stoyanova

    Ekaterina Yosifova & Nataliya Alexandrova & Stanka Stoyanova About Food

    The mission of About Food Foundation is to make sure all kids at home, in the kindergarten, at school and in the restaurant eat nutritious and high-quality food.

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  • Khamrazhan Ussenov & Aikorkem Bekeyeva

    Khamrazhan Ussenov & Aikorkem Bekeyeva Children charity club

    Mentoring program of Children charity club helps children regardless the economic status of their parents to get the education in prestigious university.

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  • Ivaylo Bonev & Mihajlo Nikolic

    Ivaylo Bonev & Mihajlo Nikolic Technokrati

    Technokrati is an educational centre for children utilizing new technologies which stimulate children's imagination and give them scientific and practical knowledge.

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  • Linn Tornholm og Vicky Kornblit

    Linn Tornholm og Vicky Kornblit Projekt S

    Projekt S wishes to equate mental health with physical health. Projekt S is therefore, offered as an after school activity, where young people between the ages of 10 and 16 can strengthen their self-esteem, self-worth, health and physical strength.

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  • Mikael Højbjerg & Thomas Mose

    Mikael Højbjerg & Thomas Mose ORDBLINDETRÆNING

    Mikael Højbjerg and Thomas Mose have created "Ordblindetræning" an online platform that provides dyslexic aid training for children, in private as well as in school. The tool can target the specific needs of the child with dyslexia, adjusting for the child’s age, degree of dyslexia and the environment in which the dyslexia training is taking place.

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  • Tina Nielsson

    Tina Nielsson F.O.K.U.S.

    New connections are formed and those that already exist, are strengthened. The eyesight is optimized as to improve the signals the brain receives, and the coordination is strengthened through many different, fun and diversified exercises. In short, it’s exercise for the brain. This allows for a more diversified and inclusive way of education, both for the many and for the vulnerable and challenged few.

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  • Hayford Siaw

    Hayford Siaw Street Library

    Street Library brings mobile libraries to rural communities in order to promote literacy and educational curiosity among children in rural areas.

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  • Tesfanesh Tadesse

    Tesfanesh Tadesse Akinbalo Trading PLC

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  • Lina Lagerbäck

    Lina Lagerbäck We Unite Design

    We United Design, founded by Lina Lagerbäck, builds educational spaces created by youth, that are engaging, creative and where their voices are represented. They empower youth to take ownership over their physical environments around them and do it in an environmentally friendly way.

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  • Eglė Jokužytė

    Eglė Jokužytė VERSLAS AR MENAS

    Eglė creates and produces books combining Braille and usual symbols to induce blind children's literacy and remove social barriers.

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  • Ida Östensson

    Ida Östensson Make Equal

    Our vision is an equal and inclusive society. With practical methods, we help organizations to reach and include audiences they find it difficult to reach.

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  • Randolph Rodrigues & Wolanyo Amoah

    Randolph Rodrigues & Wolanyo Amoah TTD Media Limited

    This wonderful tag team is working on an Interactive platform to share the process of reading and writing stories/novels. The platform will allow anyone to sign up for an account – they can write and share their own stories as well as contribute to those being created by other members of the network.

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  • Nathan Mulugeta

    Nathan Mulugeta kNANDs

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  • Arkan  Asaad

    Arkan Asaad Right 2 Choose

    By engaging and educating youth ambassadors to spread the knowledge of universal equality and the idea that nothing in life is impossible.

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  • Yerlan Kumiskaliev

    Yerlan Kumiskaliev

    Yerlan has created a special dog therapy center to help children with mental disabilities and special needs, who were recognized by official medicine as hopeless.

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  • Regina Honu

    Regina Honu Tech Needs Girls

    Regina is addressing the gender gap in ICT by connecting girls to female computer science and engineering pros who teach and inspire the youth. Girls in the program learn critical thinking skills they need to solve problems in their communities, to build their confidence and to set them on a path to become future leaders and tech innovators.

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  • Gülten   Eminovski

    Gülten Eminovski STOP MOB

    Gülten Eminovski has created a toolkit for children, parents and teachers. STOPMOB helps children develop positive thoughts, feelings and behavior in order to strengthen social inclusion.

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  • Melat Habtemariam & Ammanuel Lemma

    Melat Habtemariam & Ammanuel Lemma Tatari

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  • John Laselle

    John Laselle Löparakademin

    Löparakademin helps youth living in Stockholm’s housing projects set and achieve personal goals through long-distance running.

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  • Camilla Skare

    Camilla Skare Fysak Camp

    Fysak Camp tilbyr fysiske aktiviteter til barn, for å øke deres fysiske og mentale helse. Camilla har også som mål å bygge et solid utgangspunkt for barn for å opprettholde og nyte en sunn livsstil gjennom livet.

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  • Åsa & Johanna Olsson Järnhäll

    Åsa & Johanna Olsson Järnhäll Barnkraft

    Barnkraft’s educational programme teaches personnel in schools, preschools and the public sector to listen to, understand and help sexually abused children.

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  • Nikoleta  Popkostadinova

    Nikoleta Popkostadinova LOVE GUIDE

    Nikoleta ​Popkostadinova is going to create an online platform, open and honest, to fill in the gaps in sexual health education of Bulgarian teenagers

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  • Liene Shomase

    Liene Shomase Lienes Šomases bērnu un jauniešu radošā studija

    Liene has developed her own special method “Inspiring through the music with breathing underlyings”, that teaches children to see and develop their talents. Lienes studio goal is to give a possibility for children and teenagers from economically disadvantaged families, orphanages or foster families to develop their creativity and grow into confident and opinionated parts of society. Studio offers a special program that includes the art of speech, styling courses, image creation, singing and music therapy classes.

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  • Lily Kudzro

    Lily Kudzro Devio Arts

    Understanding the role that creative arts play in children’s cognitive, social and emotional development, Lily is working to revitalize the arts in Ghana – as an extracurricular activity and in traditional classrooms – through community and school workshops, a mobile arts bus and by strengthening the ties between arts teachers across Ghana.

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  • Stoyana Stoeva & Maya Doneva

    Stoyana Stoeva & Maya Doneva SOCIAL TEAHOUSE

    The Teahouse of Maya Doneva and Stoyana Stoeva aims to provide first job to young people raised in institutions as an instrument for achieving independent lifestyle and social environment of high quality.

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  • Amir Sajadi & Milad Mohammadi

    Amir Sajadi & Milad Mohammadi JÄRVASKOLAN

    Järvaskolan works to create an equal school where every pupil gets inspired to have limitless dreams and motivation towards a higher education.

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  • AnneSofie Blixt

    AnneSofie Blixt Tilia

    Tilia supports young people between 12-30 with mental illness to create hope and security, through preventive, supportive and advocacy work.

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  • Ilze Džonsone & Diāna Elekse

    Ilze Džonsone & Diāna Elekse Ulubele - The School of Humanity

    Innovative program, designed to teach children Emotional Intelligence through the care for animals.

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  • Florence Adu

    Florence Adu LEAP Transmedia

    Florence Adu is the co-founder of LEAP Transmedia which develops educational content and programming for multimedia channels to boost the literacy and numeracy curriculum.

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  • Violeta Masteikienė

    Violeta Masteikienė FRIENDS JAM

    Friends' Jam uses harvest excess to make tasty jam together with big families, sell it and create opportunity to earn extra money.

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  • Soledad Piñero Misa

    Soledad Piñero Misa Retoy

    Retoy creates play areas with and for children – places where they can play, borrow, exchange and learn about sustainability and the child convention.

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  • Tamara Pracaić & Vanda Briški

    Tamara Pracaić & Vanda Briški LOGOPEDI BEZ GRANICA

    Speech therapy services in Croatia are centralized and usually offered with a long waiting periods. This project offers online speech diagnostics and therapy for all who need it, without space or time limitations.

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  • Giedrius Bučas

    Giedrius Bučas KÜRYBOS KAMPAS 360

    Creative angle 360 - a place for children to learn about and act on environmental issues.

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  • Miriam Lundqvist

    Miriam Lundqvist Lajvverkstaden

    LajvVerkstaden uses live action role-playing as a pedagogical tool for students, who create exciting learning situations by playing different characters.

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  • Pelle  Plesner

    Pelle Plesner FIT FOR KIDS

    Pelle Plesner has established the volunteer association FitforKids providing a special weight loss program for overweight and inactive children. It brings the children energy and happiness and provides the families with excellent conditions to begin a new and healthier lifestyle.

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  • Boyan Simeonov &  Vasil Spasov

    Boyan Simeonov & Vasil Spasov RockSchool

    RockSchool is developing an educational music program adapted for visually impaired children and youngsters. It will give them the chance to develop, gain confidence and become a part of a community of young developing artists in Bulgaria.

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  • Anna Kašina

    Anna Kašina House of Fairytales

    Fairy tale board game and mobile app that helps parents to communicate with children even about very complex issues.

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  • Nassima Dzair

    Nassima Dzair InterBridge

    Nassima startet InterBridge for å hjelp ungdom til å utvikle kompetanse som gjør dem rustet til å bli endringsagenter i sine lokalsamfunn. InterBridge tilbyr kurs som har til hensikt å bygge ungdommers kapasitet, utvikle lederegenskaper og bidra til å forebygge sosial utstøtelse.

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  • Aleksandrs Morozovs

    Aleksandrs Morozovs YOUNG FOLKS LV

    Young Folks LV is an organisation that empowers youngsters and helps them develop their skills and realise their full potential. Organisation provides various activities for youngsters, like School of Profession, leadership program Realitychangers, photography, painting, swimming and math lessons, as well as a summer camp for small kids, where youngsters become the leaders and project managers.

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  • Tore Neergaard Kjellow, Lars Kroll and Pelle Sølvkjær

    Tore Neergaard Kjellow, Lars Kroll and Pelle Sølvkjær Ugly Duckling Games

    Ugly Duckling Games provide games and teaching approaches to increase student engagement and reignite the joy of learning. Their games and teaching manuals are affordable. Their own games are tailor-made to support the teaching approach, they have developed, but the method is effective with a large selection of mainstream games.

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  • Georgios Karpathakis

    Georgios Karpathakis Underbara ADHD

    Underbara ADHD is a platform where children with ADHD, their families and others can educate one another and improve their understanding of the diagnosis. The vision is that by highlighting the positive with an ADHD diagnosis children's self-image and confidence can be enforced.

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  • Gunilla  Lundberg

    Gunilla Lundberg IT Guide

    IT Guide offers evening or holiday work opportunities to unaccompanied and newly arrived minors that are recruited to become IT guides, educating seniors in IT. The tasks assigned could include general help with internet and other mobile services. Simultaneously, the youth learn Swedish, gain work experience and develop their strengths.

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  • Alesya Nugayeva

    Alesya Nugayeva

    Nugayeva Alesya is an art-therapist, she realizes creative art-projects: decorations, articles, playing grounds made from salvage. Her motto is “From consumer to creator!”

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  • Anton Håkanson

    Anton Håkanson DayCape

    DayCape is a digital calendar app for people with autism, which supports them throughout their day and that they can plan at their own pace. Using the help of images and reminders the app gives the user a clear overview of the day. The app can be shared and customized, to not only make it easier to use but also to allow those taking part in your day to plan the schedule.

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  • Artiomas Šabajevas

    Artiomas Šabajevas Tolerancijos ir fizinės gerovės ugdymo centras

    Providing specialized help for children with obesity and overweight.

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  • Per Nygaard

    Per Nygaard NINJA SKOLEN

    Per Nygaard has created "NinjaSkolen", for children that have difficulties believing their abilities. Through role-playing, idolizing, training and playing hese children can become more confident about their own strenghts, have their self-esteem and courage level elevated and establish a better body awareness.

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  • Veselina Feldman


    Veselina Feldman proposes a modern innovative therapy – Equine-Assisted Therapy - for improving functioning and quality of life for children with disabilities.

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  • Sandra Kinnaman Nordström

    Sandra Kinnaman Nordström The Good Talents

    The Good Talents is leadership and social entrepreneurship programs for youth. The program aims to give youths the knowledge, tools and networks needed to survive in an increasingly unstable job market. The Good Talents provides companies, municipalities and civil society organizations an unique opportunity to meet, interact and forge relationships with young people they would never come in contact with otherwise.

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  • Saidzhan  Maximov

    Saidzhan Maximov Tumar

    Saidzhan helps to implement and develop the culture of wearing reflective clothing and accessories, as well as to make them available for sale.

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  • Merit Lilleleht

    Merit Lilleleht Une Kool

    Creating healthy sleeping routines for babies are extremely important. Merit and her team support young parents with the tools and knowledge for healthy sleeping habits for their children through consultations both at home and online.

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  • Edita Gilė


    "Viking village“ presents an innovative method for teaching history via experiential education.

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  • Natalya  Shimina

    Natalya Shimina PARTNERS IN JOY

    Partners in joy help to preserve children’s right to play and try to relieve stress in children staying in hospitals for a long period of time, with the help of laughter therapy.

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  • Vladimir Kovalskiy


    Vladimir Kowalski and his Extreme Sports Federation give children and teenagers an opportunity to achieve self-fulfillment through extreme sports activities.

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  • Camilla Nellemann & Helene Cooper Larsen

    Camilla Nellemann & Helene Cooper Larsen Sprogeriet

    Sprogeriet develops research-based tools that stimulate children’s language skills. They are based on playing in the shape of board games and apps. The vision of Sprogeriet is to create the best circumstances for the development of children’s language skills in a fun, easy-going way for children and their parents together.

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  • Vaida Jasiulevičienė

    Vaida Jasiulevičienė UNIQUE CHILD

    "Unique child" is a web platform where children can increase their self esteem and resilience through games.

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  • Aliya Arkharova

    Aliya Arkharova

    Aliya Arkharova – the mother of a child with autism and the author of a program that creates new possibilities for children with autism and changes the atitude of the society towards them.

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  • Giedrė  Šopaitė-Šilinskienė

    Giedrė Šopaitė-Šilinskienė

    Giedre‘s goal is to give all-around support to the families of premature babies. The e-platform will offer a range of specific preemie care products and help baby‘s parents, siblings and all others who surround the family.

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  • Clarissa Meister-Petersen

    Clarissa Meister-Petersen FILIORUM

    Clarissa Meister-Petersen has created Filiorum and the initiative "Dramatic Art on the School Timetable", an innovative learning concept that integrates professional theatrical performances with courses of study that are tailor-made for the specific pupils and the individual schools.

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  • Rūdolfs Cešeiko & Līva Jankēviča

    Rūdolfs Cešeiko & Līva Jankēviča Kids Gym

    Unique, individually designed, treatment course for children of all ages that aims to help improve a sensory process disorder.

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  • Lisa Cooper

    Lisa Cooper CATALYST

    Lisa grunnla Catalyst for å hjelpe ungdom som står i fare for ikke å fullføre utdanningen sin. Catalyst er et mentor- og coachingprogram, som matcher ungdom, primært ungdom med minoritetsbakgrunn, til en personlig mentor som følger dem i 6 måneder.

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  • Malin Agn

    Malin Agn Sundare Barn

    Sundare Barn supports parents of overweight children by providing online advice and by arranging health care seminars and exercise trips for families.

    Read more
  • Kalkidan  Mangesha

    Kalkidan Mangesha Free Generation Counseling & Social Support Center

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  • Marko Knežević

    Marko Knežević MARITIME HUB

    Maritime HUB project combines heritage, sailing and social skills development to assist children growing up without parents or adequate parental care. Children from social care institutions are involved in learning and development of skills that help them achieve independence.

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  • Milena Tashkova Sofia Ferdinandova

    Milena Tashkova Sofia Ferdinandova Life by the Kilo

    Milena Tashkova and Sofia Ferdinandova founded Life by the Kilo with the aim of preventing eating disorders among pupils in the 5th-12th grade. They want to show pupils the connection between eating habits, emotions and the way they see themselves.

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  • Elin  Wernquist

    Elin Wernquist Barnrättsbyrån

    Barnrättsbyrån works with children and young people’s human rights. It is Sweden’s first advocacy service devoted to children’s rights which offer individual children and young people practical help, support and advice.

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  • Catharina Richter &  Monica Nanni

    Catharina Richter & Monica Nanni Randiga Huset

    Randiga Huset supports grieving children and their families, and strive to raise community awareness about children in mourning.

    Read more
  • Mariana Mutso

    Mariana Mutso CLIMBING ACADEMY

    Mariana established the Academy of Climbing to offer activity-based opportunities for children and to stimulate the development of their self-confidence along with physical health.

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  • Elisaveta Belobradova Krasimira Hadjiivanova

    Elisaveta Belobradova Krasimira Hadjiivanova Ole Male

    Ole Male aims to support the mothers of children with disabilities helping them maintain financial stability by promoting and selling their handmade products.

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  • Audronė Masiukienė

    Audronė Masiukienė FEAR LAB

    Fear lab helps young people understand and overcome their fears. We provide the knowledge how to talk about the difficulties of describing the various solutions and let the young person choose the suitable one.We work with pupils, students, disadvantaged young people, youth in a social exclusion, blind children and children with other disabilities. We apply a variety of attractive and interactive methods that are suitable and interesting for each of them.

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  • Michael Baabu

    Michael Baabu Safe Child Ghana

    Michael's social enterprise promotes safety among children and youths by striving to prevent traffic accidents, falls, fires, drownings, suffocations and more.

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  • Rosie Linder & Jesper Engström

    Rosie Linder & Jesper Engström Peppy Pals

    Peppy Pals is an award-winning organization developing fun, educational games and books that nurture children's Emotional Intelligence (EQ). It is a unique way of learning and experiencing emotions, empathy, collaboration and friendship without ”right or wrong

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  • Emilian Kadiiski &  Teodor Kostadinov

    Emilian Kadiiski & Teodor Kostadinov VRATSA SOFTWARE

    Emilian and Teodor created IT center in an underdeveloped part of Bulgaria where they teach children free IT courses, broadening their horizons and influencing their ways of life.

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  • Gita Rajan & Hermine Holm

    Gita Rajan & Hermine Holm WONSA

    Wonsa is creating a world free from sexual abuse with their specialized clinic for victims, research and education.

    Read more
  • Nerijus Buivydas

    Nerijus Buivydas DEMOCRATIC SCHOOL

    Nerijus has opened a Democratic school to change the Lithuanian education system and aspire for an education system that will take into consideration the student's´needs and abilities, resulting in better quality in teaching and learning, and overall satisfaction.

    Read more
  • Anne Stine Hole

    Anne Stine Hole Generasjon M

    Generasjonsmøtet M aims to provide job opportunities for youth, whilst also tending to the needs of the elderly. They offer part time jobs to youth aged 14 – 19, who in turn visit elderly at nursing homes, who often are lonely and inactive.

    Read more
  • Ivan Dimov  Nikoleta Gabrovska

    Ivan Dimov Nikoleta Gabrovska Single Step

    Single Step by Ivan Dimov and Nikoleta Gabrovska provides support to LGBTI youth and their families in the difficult process of self-acceptance, coming out and affirming their sexual orientation and gender identity.

    Read more
  • Dana Narvaiša

    Dana Narvaiša Get to know your child

    Dana identified the gap in the educational system and child upbringing, the period, where parents don't hear or understand the child needs and created the program for parents and children on how to close that gap. Because this gap exists in many families, regardless of the child specifics, this child (even from a very good family) may have problems with education and behavioural issues in the future, this child may become a bully or be bullied.

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  • Natassia Fry & Pegah Afsharian

    Natassia Fry & Pegah Afsharian Kompis Ungdom

    Kompis Ungdom is a buddy program connecting established Swedes with newly arrived youth with the aim to erase cultural and social barriers among Swedish youth. Kompis Ungdom’s vision is to build long lasting friendship between peers in order to reduce cultural polarization and to combat exclusion in Sweden.

    Read more
  • Martin Exner

    Martin Exner CODING PIRATES

    Martin Exner has established the volunteer association Coding Pirates helping children to develop their IT skills and to become creators of IT instead of merely consumers.

    Read more
  • Sanna Rasmussen

    Sanna Rasmussen Familiestøtten

    Familiestøtten (Family Support) helps economically disadvantaged families by matching them with resourceful families, and is thereby reducing the economic difficulties of vulnerable families, so parents get more time to be parents and children can be allowed to be children.

    Read more
  • Eva Viļķina

    Eva Viļķina House of Hope

    Social care center for underage mothers and mothers, who are abused in a family. In the center mothers will get professional psychological support, learn how to take care of their baby, different profession skills and will receive help to finish school.

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